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Earth Works

We do Soil Investigation

A suitable site investigation can often lead to cost savings in the long term as it allows contractors to foresee problems. At Structo we use a number of investigation techniques from desk studies to fieldwork research.

Our team of engineers can advise on suitable methods for each individual project. The investigations usually include both geotechnical and environmental work.

We use the following techniques for the majority of projects:

  • Trial Pitting
  • Rotary Drilled Boreholes
  • Laboratory Testing

Excavation, Backfilling, Soil Replacement

We pride ourselves and commit to Health, Safety and the Environment. To this end for a relatively mid-size company we employ our own in-house HSE Manager to ensure our management and workforce is fully trained and has the behavioral commitment to a safe and environmentally sensitive workplace.
Structo have their own in-house engineers who can meet the demands of frequently changing site information to provide updated modelling and cost reporting as well as site surveys and setting out.
If you require an earthworks, groundworks, stabilization or contract crushing company that place health and safety at the core of everything we do, coupled with sound geotechnical and engineering knowledge who offer unbiased and competitive advice then give STRUCTO a call.