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  • Reinforced concrete Slabs for Residential Villa

Reinforced Concrete works

  • Execution of External Plaster works for the front towers
  • Contact: Main Contractor: Habtour – Murray & Roberts – SIAC JV (HMS)

San Stefano Complex, Alex, Egypt

    • Execution of 10 Apartments Blocks ( Excavation , Soil Replacement, Backfilling ,Plain Concrete works )
    • Enabling works to Head Office-Mivan Head Offices.
    • Enabling works to site setup -Mivan Site Offices.
    • NW Residential Apartments Projects-Enabling works 4Blocks – Stream 1
    • NW Residential Apartments Projects- Enabling works 6Blocks– Stream 2

Cairo Festival City “CFC”

  • Renovation and finishing works for Bloomberg Egypt Branch
  • Consultant Management : Gleeds

Bloomberg Egypt

  • Renovation civil works Ventilation system for Abu Rawash W.H

Nestle water Egypt S.A.E

  • Façade Scaffolding & façade Striping Marble woks
  • Façade renovation works Aluminum Cladding works

British Gas Egypt (BGE)

  • Abseiling – Façade Painting and maintenance

Shell Egypt

  • Façade renovation works aluminum Cladding works

Business view Project

  • Excavation ,Backfilling ,Soil Replacement and concrete skeleton located at 10th of Ramadan.

Commercial Mall 4000 m2 , Arab Contractors

Eight Buildings 240 units Mubarak Project,Arab Contractors

  • Excavation of and Soil Replacement of 85,000 M3 for the New Factory
  • Construction of 650 Linear meter Retaining Wall with 4.00m height
  • Different construction elements , water reservoir , concrete skeleton elements
  • Located at 10th of Ramadan, Industrial Zone 6A – Part 130

Hi-Food Factory for Modern Food Industries, Cairo, Egypt- ULKER EGYPT

  • Renovation and Development of Ismailia Stadium ,Arab Contractors

Renovation and Development of Ismailia Stadium ,Arab Contractors

  • Concrete Skeleton and finishing works for residential villas

Residential Villas at 5th Settlement

  • Execution of External Render and Internal Ceramic Tiles
  • Contact: Main Contractor: Habtour – Murray & Roberts – SIAC JV (HMS)

Careffour (Alex City Center), Alexandria, Egypt

  • finishing works and interior decoration for residential villa

Interior decoration

  • Façade maintenance and cleaning using IRATA abseiling team

Façade maintenance and cleanings